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Telepath is a modern framework-agnostic library to create Telegram Bots in PHP.

It stands out by generating a lot of PHP Code automatically from the Telegram Bot API documentation and using modern PHP features like Attributes and Named Parameters.

Before You Start

We want to make use of modern PHP all the way but the development of PHP doesn't stop. This means if there will be a feature in a new PHP version that makes sense to use in this package, we will.

So beware of that and only use this library if you're running in a setup where you can easily upgrade to new PHP versions when they get released.

Other libraries

  • Nutgram: Nutgram is quite similar to this library although some aspects like how you define a Handler is completely different.
  • PHP Telegram Bot: PHP Telegram Bot was my goto library before I wrote my own. But a lot of things are not quite intuitive. Disclaimer: I'm a maintainer there too.
  • Telegraph: Integration for Laravel that makes use of a highly fluent syntax.